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army soldier brutally attacked by a mob in Ganeshpur

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By uday

A mob in Ganeshpur, Belagavi brutally attacked an army soldier. A group of young individuals from Vijayanagar arrived in Ganeshpur, where the incident occurred. Shockingly, the video capturing the assault quickly went viral on social media, spreading like wildfire until late Saturday evening. Surprisingly, the incident was not reported to the camp police.

The unfortunate event unfolded in a bar in Ganeshpur, where youths were gathered for a drinking session. Amidst the controversy, the soldier fell victim to the gang’s violent assault. Several individuals captured the horrifying incident on their mobile phones, further amplifying its reach on social media platforms.


The soldier endured severe head injuries and was left bleeding profusely. Fortunately, the victim who hails from neighboring Maharashtra was rescued from the clutches of the gang. Following the rescue operation, the soldier was immediately rushed to the hospital for urgent medical treatment.

The gang’s leader, a young man from Vijayanagar, was found to be in possession of a weapon. Consequently, a case has been registered against him for illegal possession.

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