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Miscreants break glasses of 3 cars in Maratha Colony

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Residents of Maratha Colony were shocked on Friday morning to find the glasses of their cars broken by some unidentified miscreants.

In all 3 cars were targeted and their glass shields were broken.

The targeted cars were parked on the streets by the owners near their houses.

People have also shared information that similar instances of breaking of glass shields has taken place at Angol, Hindwadi amd Jadhav nagar in the past months.

The shop show windows on Ambedkar road were also broken in the past month and the owners say a complaint was lodged with the police.

All these reports of someone breaking glasses of cars, shops and in one case even houses is very pathetic and the Police need to look in to the mater seriously.

In most of the above the residents never complained and hence police might not have the knowledge.

One thing which was observed by the response we got from our readers is that the incidents are happening in one area at one time and then the miscreants who ever they are move to a different area.

Earlier it was the logos that were being robbed and the still continues and now we have this new fear.

Would request if anyone else faced the same issues please comment with the date and area.

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  1. The incident here in Ambedkar road in last few months:-
    L’OREAL,two times of SPYKAR one was last Thursday night 03/05/2012 on the same night at HARSHA electronics club road,Denizen signage was broken twice,WILLS window glass two times and many more…!!


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