Miscreants stone cars 

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Unidentified miscreant’s damaged cars and even window panes of homes at around 1.30 to 2 AM on 5 May 2017 at Tambit Galli, Kapileshwar Colony and Mahaveer Colony.

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The unidentified miscreants were on a rampage and threw stones on cars, commercial vehicles and even houses. The miscreants smashed window panes and damaged the vehicles.

The main reason behind this act is unknown.

But the residents of the area are shocked and are in a state of tension.

The miscreants hurled stones and created ruckus at midnight and used stones to smash window panes of cars and even a couple of homes.

5 thoughts on “Miscreants stone cars ”

    • No Mr. Pratik, do find reasons. Let the police do it’s investigation. Blindly saying something could further the issues, let’s be responsible citizens and not play into the hands of some miscreants wanting to create issues.

  1. Search thoroughly gan wadi area u would come by them… If not go to kakti. Is insurance going to cover them… Dare some one throw stones on newly commissioned Maruti Ertiga of belgaum police..

  2. Sick people get brain washed and damage public property, beat single person gathering 10 – 15 people. they just want to show that they are the top goons of the belgaum


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