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Once a garbage dump now a cricket coaching facility

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Half an acre of open plot next to the Cantonment quarters in ward No.7 Cantonment was a garbage dump. All the people used to dump the garbage and other material on the site making it unhealthy for the citizens of the vicinity.

Thanks to the vision and sincere efforts of Dr Madan Dongare, an elected member from the same ward to the Cantonment board had some great ideas for this place. He has converted that dumping place into a playground which also houses a cricket coaching facility.

madan dongareSpeaking to AAB, Dr.Dongare said around 70 truck loads of garbage was removed from there including waste material which was lying for years. Ground was leveled with muram and red mud and a concrete cricket pitch was prepared and nets have been put to create a practice pitch. Precautions have been taken that the surrounding houses do not get damaged and an iron mesh has been installed.
Around 40 palm trees have been planted on the sides of this land and also has roses and fruit bearing trees like Mango,Pomegranate and Guava trees.

Children from the vicinity water these plants without fail everyday as they feel it is for them and their bright future.

Dr.Dongare further said, I am is very thankful to the people who keep the place clean and tidy. Two high mast lamps have been provided for playing under the lights. He now plans of

Dongare’s sports academy in memory of wife Shama Madan Dongare.

He has spent nearly 2.5 lakhs on this project and got the high mast lamps approved from the Cantonment board. There were Allegations that this land is being grabbed by Dr Dongare but he has handed over all the amenities including a store room to the Cantonment board in a board meeting. His future plan is to develop this place into a multi activity play ground. An avid cricket fan he also provides cricket material to the needy and talented young cricketers and also hosts a team Dongare 11.

3 thoughts on “Once a garbage dump now a cricket coaching facility”

  1. Thankx for the apreciation and recognition ……. Dr Madan Dongare sir …. My dad is getting this will keep him motivated ….. A future visionary and a hard worker , and as rightly called as Mr developer……. Many sleepless nights(for making the project sucessful) payed off by the Love and respect he’s getting from the people ….. proud of u dad…….

  2. What a great initiative.

    On the other hand we have Benkanahalli gram Panchayat whose jurisdiction extends up to Lakshmitek, the area does not have a single dustbin or any door to door waste collection system.

    Corruption rampant. Few years back 6 people died of gastrointestinal infection during rainy season.

    People are forced to burn the household waste. In rainy season for 4 months even that is not possible.

    All pleas on deaf ears. SAD


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