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Vegetable prices soar as farmers strike continues in Maharashtra

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There has been significant decrease in the arrivals of Onions and other vegetables from Maharashtra as the farmers continue their strike on the sixth day.

The vegetables of Belagavi which are sent to Maharashtra has also stopped as the entry of vehicles has been banned.

Over 15,000 bags of onion (500 tons) of onion normally arrive at the Belagavi APMC Yard every week on market days. Last Saturday about 7,000 red onion was received it was trading between Rs 260 to 910.

But as part of protest for loan waiver, farmers have initiated a strong steps in Maharashtra to ban exporting and selling of milk, vegetables and other Agriculture produces. The onion arrival is drastically decreased from Maharashtra and this week only 3000 bags of onion have arrived due to which the price has spiked to 11,000 per quintal.

The A1 grade onion which was selling at Rs 7 to 8 hiked to Rs12 per kg this week.

Potato arrives From Indore, Agra and Gujarat but as it comes through Maharashtra route, the farmers have blocked potato vehicles in Maharashtra. In a result the potato prices is expected to jump Rs 12,00 per quintal. It was trading at Rs 700 last week.

Similarly the stocks of other produces like wheat, Pulses which arrive from Maharashtra has limited stocks. If the situation continues, people of Belagavi will have to face a tough time and spend more.

About 10 loads (7 tons) vegetables grown in Belagavi is exported to Sangli, Satara, Kolhapur and Konkan belt in Maharashtra but due to strike these vehicles have come to local Belagavi market.

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  1. It is high time Govt. looks into the problem of farmers. It is has become a gamble in the agriculture sector with unpredictable rains, poor prices for harvest, middle man, lack of water and incentives. Need to address their needs on a war footing. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan is not a slogan but a reality in India.

    Give huge incentives for water supply schemes, irrigation etc.


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