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Bhide couple’s motorcycle ride to Bhutan from Belagavi

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An amazing road trip from of Jitendra & Amruta Bhide drove 6400 kms and reached Belagavi on Wednesday at 5.30 pm.

Jitendra Bhide and his wife Amruta who are avid motorcycle tourers undertook the experience of riding in a different states and countries which is really something that words can’t express on their Avenger bike.

Jitendra & Amruta Bhide at a pit stop enroute Bhutan
Jitendra & Amruta Bhide at a pit stop enroute Bhutan

Going to new lands, with new people, and yet you feel connected to them. Such motorcycle tour means not just simply following the tourist trail, but rather connecting to lives of people you meet on road and at the hotels.

They took up the expedition and left Belagavi on May 21 and rode all the way through North and east India and then Bhutan covering an approximate distance of about 6400 kilometres.

amruta bhidebhide1Undertaking a bike journey for 6400 kilometres might not sound very pleasing to many but for travel enthusiasts Bhide’s of Belagavi, it was passion backed with determination that motivated the couple to explore eight countries quite differently.

While on road it not uncommon for travellers to deal with unexpected situations. Even if you plan your trip in the best manner possible, there are always surprising turns. As traveller while on road doesn’t have much to choose from when it comes to food, accommodation or other aspects.

They wanted to have first-hand experiences rather than believing what we have heard about people and places.

Jitendra posts on Facebook, “People said this bike ride of yours is too risky..that too with Amruta even more riskier.A ll the above risks are truths. They could had happened with us. BUT reality is. it didn’t.. We were just another pack who were fortunate enough. Now, just a strike away from home..and more into the familiar kind of people & circumstances… So are we out of “risk”?

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