Dearth of public toilet at Ramdev is a nightmare for travelers

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The area near Hotel Ramdev is a thriving hub for outstation buses. All the Private bus operators have their offices here and for most it is the last pick up point.

However an array of horrific sights await the unsuspecting traveller – you survive the traffic snarls (as well as the stench). And the less said about the toilets, the better!


There are hundreds of private buses which depart to various destinations from Ramdev, but for the travelers the horrific journey has just began and if you are women then its more worse.

Even when there are about 30-40 private bus operators none of them have a toilet for their customers, which is pity.

The City corporation has built one opposite the Shaikh college but regular travelers say God knows if it has been cleaned even once.

Passengers complain about the unbearable stench when they approach the said public toilet. They cant even enter it, so they prefer to go elsewhere in the open. But the women face a hard time as they dont have a toilet to go.

The City corporation had planned to install a few E-toilets at Kelkar bagh near ICICI bank, but if the same were put up near Ramdev for the travelers it would be a boon for them.

Just tagging the city as Smart does not really make it Smart, the planning needs to be smart and also the execution.

5 thoughts on “Dearth of public toilet at Ramdev is a nightmare for travelers”

  1. Really it is a shame on the part of civic authorities as well as RTO authorities. If these basic amenities cannot be provided, then please ban the bus traffic there… And you want to develop our city as smart city… Shame upon the authorities.

  2. In my opinion, the civic authorities should make it mandatory for bus operators with offices in this area to provide at least one men’s and one ladies restroom. If they fail to do so their licenses should be suspended or cancelled.

  3. What is the corporation doing about this? They should get off their butt and build toilets for the convenience of these travelers. Make the operators contribute half the cost of building and maintaining these facilities!

  4. Govt won’t be able to-do anything as we people of Belgaum for that matter we Indians treat public space as garbage dump, all nature calls, spitting, parking, etc…and should be ashamed of it.

    Unless we ourselves as individuals take responsibility and ownership of our act in public places. This garbage dump becomes an Indian dump and SWACH BHARAT remains a dream

  5. Hi. I am happy to inform the citizens of Belgavi that Rotary Club of Belgaum has taken up the said toilet block for renovations and has began the work today. Corporation of City of Belgavi has asked the club to redo the said toilet and run and maintain it on Pay and Use basis. Very soon it will be made functional and people will be relieved with all miseries as mentioned in your article.


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