Deshmukh road to be no parking zone

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Mayor Sanjyot Bandekar along with other corporators and ACP visited Deshmukh road Tilakwadi and assessed the situation of the road.

The road in frequent times has seen a lot of traffic jams thanks to haphazard parking of vehicles especially near Hotel Uday Bhavan where people park their vehicles and go in the complexes nearby like Ashray Empire.

deshmukh roaddeshmukh road

If you see the stretch from Somwar peth cross down upto first gate you dont find much issue of parking except if a car is parked.

This road has many alleys on each side and all the Peth’s which the police now plan to utilise for parking.

This can solve the problem but when the problem exists for 20-25 mtrs why does the administration want the entire road to be a no parking zone.

If the stretch from RPD Corner to Somwar peth cross (which covers Hotel Uday Bhavan) is made into a NO parking zone half of the problem of the road gets solved.

Somwar Peth for example from Deshmukh road see jams often due to parking of vehicles on both sides. If the parking is restricted to one side on each of these alleys and Peth’s there will also be smooth flow of traffic.

If the parking is restricted on the entire road, all the alleys will be Full of vehicles and passing from there would be the next problem then. So its like solving one problem and landing into another.

8 thoughts on “Deshmukh road to be no parking zone”

  1. Clean the Bhange Bhol and make parking there.

    NO or Meter parking on Deshmukh Road except free on Sundays and Holidays.

    Look at the state of Deshmukh road from 1st gate to RPD college. It is crowded with violation of traffic regulations at every nook and corner. We treat the road it as if we own it, park our vehicles where we want and then have vada pav at the Budhwar Peth corner then dump the garbage on the street, or play snooker at behind Katti’s photo shop or else park and sit in our vehicle and have time pass.
    Who the hell we think are, have we have come to such a state where we don’t care the environment, our wellbeing and generations to come.

    If we the citizen of Belgaum do not take ownership and responsibility of our action then GOD only forbid what will happen to my beautiful Venugram where I grew up.

  2. First control the traffic and secondly surprised to see the Mayor of Belagavi waking up on a non serious issue,if she really is that pro citizen let her go to Ganapat galli corner without announcing and see the ground realiti and I welcome her to see what happens at B R Ambedkar road to Chenamma circle.And how many roads are in good condition in Belagavi except for those done because of a certain MLA for his own personal gains.Such dramas are like Rahul Gandhi’s photo opportunities.

  3. Dear SP of Belgaum I wish to draw attention to utter traffic chaos which happens on DESHMUKH ROAD of Tilakwadi. I request you to visit the place in evening hours from 6-9pm in PLAIN CLOTHES to UNDERSTAND the SITUATION. The two and four wheeler are parked on both sides of the road. It is difficult even to walk leave alone drive. There are N number of eateries which cause obstructions, there are grocery shops and other outlets. I request you to make this road NO PARKING ZONE and allow all parking in the side roads. PENALIZE HEAVILY for the offenders. Also think of organizing the traffic so that for normal pedestrian it is safe. The problem is more near nath pai garden. the vehicles on side roads are not parked properly. BIG MENACE OF STUDENTS SITTING on TWO Wheeler. The police station is very near but no one is bothered at all. I request all the people to support this cause and try to find the solution. THE SITUATION IS SAME IN RPD CROSS. So CALLED EDUCATED PEOPLE WHO OWN CARS AND BIKES SHOULD FIRST FOLLOW THE RULES

  4. If all of us can have a little concern for OTHER FELLOW CITIZENS we can make our BELGAVI the SMARTEST CITY of India. Here are some sugestions:-
    1. Learn to Share the limited road space with others while driving and parking on road side.
    2. Enable smooth flow of traffic by giving adequate space to others while drIving.
    3. Strictly follow all rules even when there is no traffic police.
    4. Do not be impatient when there is traffic jam. You may worsen the situation by trying to get ahead of others.
    5. When you park your vehicle in front of the shop/office /house where you have work ensure it doesn’t obstruct/slowdown traffic.

  5. Stop Talking and Start Walking.

    Everyone buys vehicles on installment, when will they have common sense is it an accessory or will get when last installment has been paid. I live Tilkawadi area, I know the problems. Everyone wants to show false status by buying cars.

  6. There are many traffic violations. Especially people coming from wrong side of double road , ie from Bhandurge medicals to RPD. From First Gate towards Arun. I have seen eminent personalites , doctors , CA , and teachers etc etc coming in opposite directions. Please ensure that a strict penalty for such violatons

  7. First get the Bhange Bhol clean and then make parking there, so that the side roads will have less traffic and noise.

    NO parking or Meter parking on Deshmukh Road except free on Sundays and Holidays.

    The people who live on the streets e.g. Mangalwar, Budhwar, Guruwar peth etc are suffering because of nuisance created by eatery stalls and there customers at at various place e.g. corner of Budhwar peth and other locations.

    Swach Bharat is a distant memory at least attempt to try to make Deshmukh Road clean and safe first.


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