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Missing dogs reports on the rise in Belagavi

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Instances of dogs going missing, being stolen or abducted are on the rise in Belagavi. The police make an FIR only if there is evidence of abduction or theft but nothing happens later.
Mostly the owners of the Dogs approach social media for help and sometimes, it does help as the dog is seen somewhere and is reported.

From the posts, we have made we have seen most of the Dogs missing from Tilakwadi, Hindwadi and Camp areas. As many as 4 Labrador breed dog have been reported missing to us along with 5 Golden Retrievers, 2 Pomeranian and 6 street dogs.

Be careful about your furry ones. Dogs have zero sense of direction and hence, it is crucial to take a few preventive measures before you lose them. During Diwali, the missing number goes up due to the crackers.


In some cases, persons who found a lost Dog also approached us to find the rightful owner and we were able to trace the owner as well. 

Sometimes an old dog may come under a vehicle, while young well-bred dogs may fall into the wrong hands and are not returned to the owners. They are sold for breeding or put on free sites.

The rampant robbing of pet dogs has taken a new turn with claims of dogs being butchered for their meat. According to a recent Times of India report, illegal breeding of pedigree dogs and market for dog meat in Delhi and Gurgaon is thriving.

Some preventative measures to minimize the chances of your dog running away or been taken away:

Sport a name tag with name and contact numbers

Use a good quality harness and never ever let your dog go for a walk unattended.

Sterilise your dog

This is the number one reason dogs run away. An unsterilised dog will run to answer mating instincts. Sterilise him.

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  1. Would anyone really wants to let small children go out on a street unattended by parents or a matured adult overseeing them? One with the right mind might say, of course not.! Well then, same thinking should be applied to dogs as well. Owner should be responsible for their dogs ,making sure they don’t go astray. While on the subject of dogs , there are too many dogs wandering on our city streets having no owners causing distraction for drivers resulting in accidents, we also have mad dogs as well ,those are being dangerous attack and bite humans causing serious injuries and rabies. Many street dogs die due to either lack of proper nutrition or consumption of unhealthy garbage strewn by irresponsible citizens of Belgavi. Puppies also die due to lack of milk mother dog produces for them. Many of them lay lifeless in gutters on the street causing unhealthy environment.. Animal control officers should look into this matter so that none of the animals should be wandering the streets causing such a nuisances. Public safety must be maintained.


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