MLA Anil Benake presents report card on completion of one year

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MLA Belagavi North Mr. Anil Benake today took a press meet on the occasion of the completion of one year as an MLA and he presented his report card.

He said I am extremely thankful to all the citizens of Belagavi for your strong support, co-operation and trust. In the future, I work hard for the betterment of Belagavi.

Since the last one year, not even a stone has been pelted and works worth 70 crores have been initiated.

Silt removal of Rakakskop is essential so that more water can be stored.

About the issue of the Vegetable market and loss of jobs of 10,000 people, only the committee members are responsible for all this. If the association members had approached me or South Mla we would have sorted the issue amicably, Benake said.

anil-benakeBhendi Bazar widening will be commenced after the election results.

With respect to the 272 houses built 4 years ago under the Rajiv Gandhi Awas yojna, a new list of allottees will be prepared and they will be allotted the house.s

1. Secure and fear-free environment for Women, children and senior citizens

2. Trying to get more funds under the smart city for Mal Maruti Extension area.

3. Comprehensive steps to make city drug abuse free

4. 100% literacy rate must be achieved and for this upscaling of the schools and colleges.

5. Basic needs such as road, water, sanitation

6. Development of major circles in the constituency

7. Development of historic temples by the Tourism department

8. Development of Fort Lake under Smart city

9. Hitech Bus stand and Library at major places

10. 125 lakhs for development of minority colonies

11. 100 lakh from MLA fund for city development

12. 285 lakhs for development of schools and colleges

13. 775 lakhs for PWD works, work will be started after elections, few in DPR stage

14. 28 lakhs for solid waste management at Ram Teerth nagar

9 thoughts on “MLA Anil Benake presents report card on completion of one year”

  1. Development of IT park and pulling companies to Belagavi is important. So many engineering and degree colleges in and around Belagavi will have chance to place their students in hometown. Please consider this request. I guess a lot of students and IT professionals from Belagavi have the same opinion.

  2. MLA Belagavi North Mr. Anil Benake’s work is appreciated but I would like to draw his attention towards the slow pace of development of the small stretch of link road Shakti marg.May I request the Hon’ble MLA to get this expedited at an earliest to connect Shivabasava nagar to the road across KLE Hospital. So that in emergency the residents can reach the hospital without facing the jams near Ramdev crossing.
    Hope to see you soon.our good wishes to you.
    Regards -Dr (Maj) B P Singh,A.Medical Superintendent, JNMC JNMC associated Dr Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital Belagavi.

  3. Caution:Slow work in Progress.Nothing has changed in terms of infrastructure and development.Need better Roads,Water Facility.Kindly work for the people to make Belgaum a better place.

  4. There are more complaints and biggest failure of your govt is you don’t interfere in corporation works and coz of your smart city works middle class is suffering and me personally going through issues like The DRAINAGE WORK and this drainage issue is happening past 2yrs nearly and no one is helping and then the third class roads and no cleaning of gutters.. I don’t know why you termed this works as smart city coz the you are not even 25% of what you want to show it to the world!!

  5. Sir, Request to provide the more detailed report
    – along with photos of the area developed with address (photos with local people will also help)
    – having a letter signed by local people where the work is completed with the amount spent.
    – Please plan to construct Public Toliets, because our City Sanitation is very bad…

    We expect something different approach in development and communication to citizen from you, when compared to other….
    You are more educated then other Politicians…..

    Request Please go and meet our Honourable Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi to bring some companies to belgaum and I hope this will surely help…… rather then depending more on State Government…

    We are fedup seeing our current MP and MLA’s of Belgaum district and some Previous MLA having concentrated on their own development (With their own Collages, Sugar factory, Distillery’s, Petrol pumps, Cinema theatres) rather then Belgaum District.

  6. This is for the first time we have come across the MLA of Belgaum coming in front of people and talking about development of the city . We should appreciate and show our trust . Something is better than nothing


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