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MLA Sait & Mayor dive in protest against demolition

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District Administration demolition drive against encroachment continued on Saturday on Old PB road, RTO circle, Udyambag areas etc as part of the clean up process for the VKS.

MLA Feroz Sait & Mayor Nirwani surprised every one when both sat for a dharna and did a raasta roko. Feroz Sait said that the demolition drive has taken away the daily bread of hundreds of people and thats is why I am here on the road.

MLA Feroz Sait arguing with Police

The various shopkeepers have decided to organise a protest in the city on March 1 and are considering calling a bandh on all three days of the world Kannada meet.

Situation was also tense at RTO circle as people alleged that the demolition was biased. Even tough the MLA Sait and Mayor did a dharna for over 2 hours, all shops were removed in the evening from the said areas.

Mayor has sent letters to Minister for Urban Development Suresh Kumar and secretary of the Urban Development Department demanding the transfer of corporation Commissioner S.G. Patil.

People were surprised when MLA came to the scene and his love for the citizens as he ordered the stopping of demolition. People from Kelkar bagh who had lost their shops also rushed to the spot and were trying to ask why no one supported them when the shops were being brought down.

15 thoughts on “MLA Sait & Mayor dive in protest against demolition”

  1. Well good to see that politicians are coming for public help………Thanks Mr Feroz Sait…………..
    But the question that lies ahead is in the name of development why does the administration takes tough decisions only on the common (poor) people…to certain extent shops in Kelkar bag and PB road may be not legal but they are not the only shops/properties that are encroached…there are many more in our city but the administration so far and will not take any action against the big fished which are encroaching the government land…..It's a clear cut nexus between politicians and bureaucrats……..

  2. this whole issue is beyond aab readers, the politics behind the encroachment drive and MLAs coming to support people have different motives, AAB readers you guys are too innocent to understand the cheapest politics that is happening and WKM is being used as an excuse… caste and communal politics is an important element in this and I have heard when Kelkarbag shops were demolished MLA did not visit there but when it was old PB road and RTO Circle he rushed to support the people, Kelkarbag is also in the same constieuncy then why were they left helpless is the question???…
    in this internal rivalries are being consummated and WKM has become an excuse for all this activities.
    what about bigger encroachments that are there in the other part of the city??? what about some buildings which belong to ex-corporators and politicians which are actually property of CCB and the lease period is over…

    • @Rajeev,
      Why can't u name the buildings which are on the ccb property. Everybody knows about the property near railwaygate and near kapileswar temple.No body is having the clear idea about the terms of agreement.
      WKS is tool in hands of local corporators and politicians.Every politician is cleverly using this oppurtunity to garner the voters support.I personally think the face lift for the city is due to it's getting the 2 nd capital status. And these demolitions will be there till next election.

  3. Its good to MLA Sait coming inn for Khoka owner's support…but the questions is where were he and his supporters when the khokas near ramdev, kelkar bagh and other places were demolished…???

  4. Zor laga ke GO,Please do the clean-up task as this city need to be look beautiful as we all need good broad roads and parking place.there is no point in protest against demolition as all these KHOKA/DABBA etc.etc should go at the earliest.Well done and congrats to all CCB and City Admin.

  5. Mr. Sait came in to support the public because some people who got hit with this demoliation asked for his help. I for one did go his place stood for more than 2 hrs to ask for his help. May be Kelkar bagh ppl did not approach him or may be they approached some other leader who might be trying to help them too. Just don't try to make issue out of nothing…and of course there might be ppl who would be interested in making us fight among each other…but we all hard working people are one and will fight together against htis injustice.

  6. Where us he when they were demolishing shops in Kelkar Bagh and Shivaj Nagar areas.
    This is being SELECTIVE. MLA Feroz Sait and Mayor Nirwani are representative of whole Belgaum and not particular/selective parts of Belgaum.

    Some one should ask them this question

  7. How has it mattered by Mr. Firoz helping or not. the result has been the same. Except delayed for a few hours. The best we can do is to take care that this cleared land is not swallowed as in case of previous CCB plots. The motives are normally long planned, because these politicians are aware that the public memory is short. Hope the unity in protesting continues to stay to even block the other illegal constructions.

  8. Good work ccb, well is this face lift bcoz of the so called VKS ? if yes then voices raised by affected people & MLA is right. Do you think this type of actions will mean something to the city. Belgaum still wears the same face even after the last road wideneing efforts at Khade bazar ,Ganpath galli etc.
    Influential guys with money or muscle power still encroach the roads GOD SAVE BELGAUM

  9. Dont tell me that the Mayor and MLA did not know about this demo…hahaha…this sounds like the left hand did not know what the right hand was or is doing….its all BS politics…AAB readers and wake up…as AAB is baised too to some extent…end of the day they all want thier names to come out so they can be popular news item. Cheers.


  10. Why undergrounds of shopping complexes in the area of marutigalli, khadebazar, kirloskar road, ramdev galli etc….. which are exclusively kept for parking are used for business purposes. why corporation is not taking any action on them. is it because the properties are of big shots.

  11. in justice is going on in the belgaum city in the name of kanada meet ,as lot of poor people are affected by this .it is the violations of human rights as the people are forced for unemployment, people are striving for earnings,families of their are suffred. so it is right time that people are relising that to whom they are voted,
    in the democracy people are voting for their progress but what is happening they are ignored by the politicians

    so at the end of day languagge is important or the life of people —who will decide

  12. All MLA’s are doing good job. Each & Every one should be proud of. we all wish d Sammelana a grand SUCESS. Rajeev Punekar


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