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MLA seeks special fund for Roads from Centre

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MLA Belagavi Uttar Anil Benake today met Shri. Nitin Gadkari Ji (Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India) in Mumbai and demanded that the city be granted a special fund for immediate repairs of the road in the city through Central Road fund.

Already a few works are going on under the smart city project but not all roads are covered under this scheme hence for better roads the MLA has sought funds from the centre to which Gadkari has positively replied and said in the next fortnight some concrete plans would be put forth.


What is Central Road Fund ?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways allocates funds to the States/ Union Territories (UTs) for development of State Roads (non Rural Roads) and Roads of Economic Importance and Inter State Connectivity (EI&ISC) as per the provisions of the Central Road Fund Act, 2000 amended by the Finance Act from time to time. The funds for development of State roads under CRF scheme are allocated to the States/UTs on the basis of 30 percent weightage to fuel consumption and 70 percent weightage to the geographical area. For works taken up under CRF scheme, one third of annual allocation of the State/ UT is released for utilization against sanctioned work and this amount is maintained as a reserve by replenishing the expenditure from subsequent releases; subsequent releases of funds are made to the States/ UTs based on submission of Utilization Certificates (UCs) of previous releases subject to the condition that the total amount released for any State/ UT during the year does not exceed the total allocation for that year in respect of that State/ UT and the amount of unspent balance of previous years’.

The funds for State Roads under EI & ISC Schemes are allocated keeping in view the committed liabilities, progress of works, inter-se priority, etc.

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  1. We will be very much appreciated and thanks to Shri. Anil Benake MLA north of Belagavi city and first thing the proper way to plan for the same thing the work will done for development of the BELGAVI City not for the decorative work so the Belgamite public witnessing you’re worth it. We have sure about the funds but we must have been think about taxes other public liability to the concerned department of government. Thanks for the update.


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