MLA south presses on Cycle board and electric cycle/Scooter for public transport

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The Smart city projects all over are giving an impetus towards the use of Public Bike Sharing, the smart, eco-friendly and healthy mode of transport. Under the ‘Public Bike Sharing’ project cycle stations with docking plates, signage & instruction panels are put up across the city.
The same was planned for Belagavi as well and all major white-topped roads will have a dedicated cycle track as well. In India, already 25- 30 percent of daily trips are by walking & cycling which needs to be preserved with better facilities for them on roads. Current cycling trends show that the majority of cycling is done for transport by the poor. There is also a growing tribe of very high-end cyclists who do this for leisure and endurance exercise.

Compared to other public transportation projects, cycle sharing systems are very inexpensive, fun and people-friendly. Cycle sharing systems can be well be utilized or integrated as a feeder system which can provide first & last-mile connectivity to public transport systems.

MLA south presses on Cycle board and electric cycle/ScooterMLA south presses on Cycle board and electric cycle/ScooterMLA Belagavi South Abhay Patil met Shri Rakesh Singh ji Chairman Smart City, presented him a memorandum and explained the importance of cycle boards, electric cycle/scooter.

He said, In coming days, after approval of this project Belagavi will be India’s first city to implement Cycle board /Electric scooter. A plan is being prepared to have a successful implementation of this project.
The Other smart cities provide bicycles on rent(Hourly basis) which are to be run only on a cycle track, bookings are done through a smartphone application and entire system runs smoothly, but in Belagavi we will be excluding bicycles and including cycle board and electric cycle/scooters.

Belagavi Smart city limited had also called in for suggestions for the bicycle sharing in the city.

6 thoughts on “MLA south presses on Cycle board and electric cycle/Scooter for public transport”

  1. While we appreciate forward thinking and futuristic, request our MLA and SmartCity officers to remain grounded. Please solve some urgent and basic problems like:

    1. Pothole free roads
    2. Functional drainage in all wards
    3. Plastic and hoarding free Belgaum
    4. Street lights that work on all days
    5. Garbage free city

    If these poi ts are addressed Belgium will be smartest city in India for sure!

  2. Please make Belgaum also corruption free city as white collar corruption is the highest in Karnataka which will enable people of Belgavi to run industry or trade with ease

  3. Sanitation is the major problem in our city.

    Very much shortage of public toilets in the city, In smart city this has to get planned.

    Belgaum Industries Association, Belgaum Club, different vedikes and Smart City Chairman, please take this into consideration.


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