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MNP means Mera Number Phasgaya

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The nation wide launch of the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) by TRAI was a welcome sign to the telecom subscribers all over the country as in Haryana in one month about 80,000 subscribers made use of this,and if this is any precedent then many millions might have used this facility.

But this is a not a very easy process as to how it is mentioned. The operators dont want to give you away and will all the dirty tricks to avoid your successful porting and will give you some strange reason like “We regret to inform you that the prepaid port in number 9xxxxxxxxx has been rejected due to porting of number and range is prohibited by the licensor in the Court of Law.”

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The best answer given is that, the donor operator is not leaving you sir, so we cant help you, is the reception operator answer, and vice versa from the Donor operator, that we have ported you out but the Recipient operator has some problem.

To be factual: A Reliance CDMA number was ported to Airtel on January 20. The UPC expired on 4th February and nothing happened. Even after calling both the companies and following up the matter to the highest level possible the porting could not be done and both operators said it was not their problem.

Reliance said that they had ported the consumer out and the problem was with airtel and Airtel said Reliance has not ported the consumer yet so we cant help.

A common man who wants to go to a different company for a better deal and service is stuck up and to add to it, Reliance suspended the service for 4 days and once fine day on the 5th day resumed its services and Reliance is yet to answer why the services were suspended for 4 days, the norm is suspension fort max 2 hours from 2am to 5am.

In another similar case of the same operators, on the 14th day when inquired the Reliance office says that they dont have any records of the UPC.

No one answers these calls and and always top try to evade your question and say it will happen.

There have been successful porting also to BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone but the number is not very encouraging.

The most dis heartening factor here is that some porting are successful and some not by the same operators and not for a valid reason.

Even writing to TRAI did not help and no one replied. There is no separate complaint mechanism provided by TRAI in here.

In all MNP = Mera Number Phasgaya as your services are suspended for a longer time than told to and in some cases incoming is activated after porting but out coming is not and all over India porting has to be done within 7 days but it normally happens after 9-10 days.

If you also tried to use MNP please share your experiences.

3 thoughts on “MNP means Mera Number Phasgaya”

  1. I have been stuck since 10 days. Tried porting from vodafone to idea. But just for a change idea people accepted that there is some technical problem from their side and they have no IDEA about it. So still waiting to GET AN IDEA.

  2. Ported successfully from Airtel to BSNL. The procedure is fairly simple but the service providers are trying to retain customer base by bullying them with such gimmicks. How they plan to retain a customer by causing problems is anybody's guess. These service providers should keep in mind that a customer may revert back to the original service provider as and when they find out which provider is the best for him / her. So even though i have ported, say 5-6 months from now if I find BSNL service unsatisfactory I'll be happy to shift back to airtel if they can promise me better service or a good service plan.. Hopefully MNP improves the competition and not cause problems for customers. All the porting problems seem to be teething troubles and should ideally be resolved in the first 2-3 months.


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