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Mobile Cylinder Bank Launched for Private hospitals

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A mobile cylinder bank has been set up in Belagavi city to provide oxygen to the hospitals immediately for emergency treatment of COVID infected people, said District Collector MG Hiremath.

The mobile cylinder bank system was conceived as a discussion with representatives of the Indian Medical Council (IMA).

The district will provide oxygen cylinders for emergency treatment of COVID infected people in private hospitals.

The district will provide fifty oxygen cylinders and supply oxygen immediately, depending on the demand of private hospitals. This will help save the lives of patients.

The service has been launched to facilitate private hospitals in Belagavi.

This system should be adequately utilized by private hospitals. If this is found effective, more oxygen cylinders in the coming days, said Deputy commissioner Hiremath.

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  1. And how about beds ….ppl are not able to get beds …..if you really want to help then provide them to every patient who requires it …the one how requires even at home …..major number of patients are at home dying due to lack of beds availablity ….if not free as NGO’s did but atleast on nominal amount for poor ppl…pls think over it


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