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50 jumbo oxygen cylinders on standby for hospitals

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IMA Belgaum office bearers, met the DC on Saturday, and they discussed about issues faced by IMA doctors and private hospitals.

DC shri MG Hiremath along with shri Ullagaddi, and shri Raghuram positively responded to all their concern and agreed to following help

  1. 50 jumbo cylinders will be kept as buffer cylinders for IMA which should be cautiosly used In dire emergency and should be filled given back to IMA next day, so that IMA vehicle with 10 cylinders will be loaded and standing at City to serve immediately any hospital going in critical levels of oxygen
  2. Daily patrol by police vans to all covid hospitals and one emergency ? police ? vehicle to help any hospital in crisis or any untoward incidents
  3. 20 remidesvir vials kept standby stock for any IMA members in case needed to doctor
  4. The IMA thanked for their concern about doctors and hospitals, and approval of our demands instantly without any delay

They are ready to help us in all means even more if needed but they are expecting some help by team IMA to fight the oxygen and bed crisis by following ways

  1. To reduce as much oxygen consumption as possible, by giving to only needy patients,
    Strict oxygen management at wards and icu.
  2. Early discharge of patients after recovery so that new patients taken and treated so that bed crisis management will be easy
  3. All doctors, and hospitals are trying to do best in this covid and oxygen crisis, our authorities also trying level best to escalate the situation.
  4. To Use remidesvir very judiciously so that we could control the demand

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