A monument in the making

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busshleterA bus shelter is on its verge to be recognized as a heritage monument which must be kept under the Archaeological survey of India so that the same can be preserved for the future generations. 

This is (was) a bus shelter near Gogte Circle near the Railway Station which has the maximum number of commuters waiting for their buses towards Vadagon, Angol and further.
Sighting traffic problems near the circle traffic lights, someone with a very high intelligent quotient, decided to demolish the bus shelter promising a new one.
Leave the new one, the authorities have not even bothered to clear the debris of the demolished bus shelter as yet even after 3 years or so.

Maybe the authorities are planning to approach the ASI and ask for a heritage tag for this bus shelter so that it can be preserved for the future generations.

Photo Courtesy: Gururaj Joshi


4 thoughts on “A monument in the making”

  1. this website is more about the news and updates in and around belgaum .
    please avoid such articles which are so sarcastic.
    the same point could be put up in a more cleaner way it just shows the immaturity of the writer.
    please avoid sarcasm!!!!

  2. Why not sarcasm? That is one way of effective communication, which otherwise is unheard!!!
    What is cleaner way or otherwise in this?
    Belgaum, one time a Jewel in the crown of old Bombay state, and later Karnataka, has lost out totally because of total negligence and people’s apathy.
    The Authorities just dont care if people dont demand.
    Belagaum people are one of the most pathetically cold to the extent of being NIRJEEV!

  3. It’s good to highlight the ignorance… but would like to appreciate someone’s “high intelligent quotient” that decided to demolish the bus shelter located just in the jaws of the major signal… could have managed to build new bus shelter at around 50-100m away from the signal immediately..!


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