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Mysterious divider

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This is strange story of divider, which disappears as soon as the cops who replaced it went off.

Yellow line marked shows the divider removed
Yellow line marked shows the divider removed

The spot is between 2 and 3rd gate near the Shantesha Motors. The beginning of the story, there was a divider from second gate to Gogte’s house where there is a break in the divider to go to R C Nagar.

Recently with the blessings of a high profile, person the divider was removed from the spot. People complained that this will cause accidents and hence the divider was replaced. Again after sometime the divider were removed and this time speed breakers were put on the main roads near the spot.

A couple of days back the Traffic police took notice of the situation and decided to do away with the speed breakers and re install the divider, but as soon as the police went off the divider also. This is causing many hardships and can cause major accidents as trucks and heavy vehicles from Udyambag side pass from here.

On the same day the divider was first removed, at about 08:00 pm a person  met with an accident. Two days later a cyclist met with a accident at 10:30 pm. He was lying on the road, bleeding and yelling due to pain.

Why the high profile person is interested in removing the divider so often is a mystery. Why does not the authorities take strict action against the ones who is removing the dividers?

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    I am sure you will take a serious note of this and will surely try to implement, so that one day BGM city can get highlighted on the world map.


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