Name Belagavi airport as – Veer Rani Kittur Chanamma Airport – Angadi



In a letter sent to the Deputy Commissioner Dr. S B Bommanhalli, MoSR and Member of Parliament Belagavi Suresh Angadi have requested that the airport be named as Veer Rani Kittur Chanamma Airport.


Suresh Angadi states Belgaum Airport in the State of Karnataka, has the distinction being one of the oldest Airport in the State, having been established and operated. since the days of per-independence, with the Naval and Defence Base established herein.

The City is centrally located in the North Karnataka region and, the Belagavi district itself has its own historical significance.

The Veer Rani Kittur Chanamma who fought with the Britishers bravely hails from Kittur in Belagavi district.


It may be recalled that on the 14. Sept 2017. on the auspicious day the inauguration of the New Terminal Building of the Sambra Airport, by the then Hen Chief minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah Ji, it was requested to initiate necessary measures towards the naming of the Belagavi Sambra Airport as “VEER RANi KITTUR CHANAMMA AIRPORT” and fulfill the long-standing dream of the Belagavi district residents. But so far no steps seem to have been initiated.


In this regard. I advise immediate steps be initiated towards sending a proposal to the State/Central Govt from the District Administration for naming the Sambra Airport at Belagavi as VEER RANI KITTUR CHANAMMA AIRPORT.

To change the name of an airport a resolution has to be first passed by the state assembly. Then it has to be passed by the Union cabinet and finally notified in the Gazette of India.


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