New bridge planned at Gogte circle to connect the new RoB


At a special meeting called at his CADA office, MP Suresh Angadi has asked the PWD, Railways and City corporation to prepare a DPR, detailed project report for constructing an overbridge which will start from Khanapur road near SBI and end at the starting point of the newly RoB been built.

HD Revanna, PWD minister who was on a visit to the city has in principle approved this plan and asked for a DPR and hence the authorities have been asked to prepare a DPR for the same for which the estimated cost is Rs.15 crore.

A Wireless transmission tower for CCTV at Gogte Circle
A Wireless transmission tower for CCTV at Gogte Circle

This would be the biggest infrastructure development in the city, as motorists who plan to use the RoB can get direct access with this new bridge and motorists going towards Station or to Congress road can go underneath the said new planned Bridge.

This will also solve the traffic chaos as the signals can be avoided and will have to be placed only in two directions namely Station road and Congress road.
Now, this won’t happen soon, but a DPR will have to made by the PWD as the said road is under its purview and then get the same sanctioned and then the tender process, all of which could take another 6 months and then the construction time which could again take anywhere between 6-12 months.



  1. 3rd Gate Rail Over Bridge has to be completed first.
    Big chaos over there.
    Start and complete that first. Then take other.

    • Not possible. Our authorities, whose priorities are messed up, prefer to work in a manner that causes maximum possible inconvenience to the public. That is their style or working.


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