Students make proposal of flyover at Gogte Circle connecting new RoB

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A group of students from the department of civil engineering ML Bhartesh Polytechnic Belagavi have designed a detailed project of a flyover at Gogte Circle which will connect the new RoB.

National Highway (NH-4A) i.e. Belagavi to Panjim starts from passes through the heart of the city. There has been a rapid growth in the vehicular population in the city. It is also understood that some of the major essential commodities to Goa State are also transported from here. Owing to absence alternate corridor for freight traffic movement, all the major transport vehicles. Thus in order to decongest the city an alternate road traffic solution is necessary and hence this solution of a flyover from SBI has been proposed by these students and the same has been presented to MP Suresh Angadi, MLA Anil Benake and the City Corporation on June 1.

The group has done a survey and interacted with stake holder’s traffic police, bus drivers, auto driver, car driver, two wheeler and others.

Abhishek Malaji, Atul Belgundkar, Junaid Svanur, Nagyaswamy Hatti, Shubham Malaji under the guidance of Raju Manolkar lecturer, have made the detailed project.

Today’s urban traffic control does not move traffic safely and expeditiously with minimal negative environmental impact at an economic cost. A system that causes accidents, delay and congestion are not fit for purpose. Elevated speeds, needless stops and delays, and the priority of drivers who enter a junction over those who are trying to exit have inflicted untold damage on society for the best part of a century. Hence to come out of these problems they have proposed a model of flyover at Gogte circle.

The reconnaissance was initiated from Gogte circle and continued towards the end point of the traffic survey analysis along the alignment specified.

Gogte circle flyoverGogte circle flyoverThey have identified that flow of traffic from Globe to Basveshwar Circle is 60%, Globe to Congress road is 30% and Globe to Station is 10%.

Taking into consideration the volume of traffic and pattern of movement, for decongesting the junction, it is proposed to provide a flyover along NH 4A which carries the major share of traffic. This also segregates the through traffic from cross traffic. In view of the high volume of traffic along this route, dual 1 lane carriageway separated by a central median is proposed for the flyover structure. Each 1 lane carriageway, intended for each direction of traffic, has a width of 7.5m with crash barriers of 0.5m width on extreme outer ends. The central median has a width of 0.5m. The existing alignment of NH 4A is followed for the flyover. The flyover is on structure except for a small length on either end. Earthen ramps with earth retaining structures on sides are proposed beyond the abutments on either side. Minimum vertical clearance of 5.5m is proposed from the at-grade road top to the bottom of the deck at the obligatory span locations at the junction. The proposed flyover has a total length of 427m. Thus the flyover and approaches including ramp portion shall have a total length of 427m. The junction shall have a length of 60 m. At grade road of 7.5m width is proposed on either side of the flyover as a service road for local and turning traffic. Footpath cum drains is also proposed at the outer edges of these roads on both sides.

The four-lane deck shall consist of 8 numbers of pre-cast post-tensioned I- girders with in-situ RCC slab. The girders are spaced at 2.2 m. Cross diaphragms are proposed at support locations. The superstructure is supported by POT-PTFE bearings.

The substructure proposed is RCC hammer-headed piers with shaft flaring towards top portion and a straight portion below is proposed. Where vehicles are to cross below, the minimum vertical clearance requisite of 5.5 m is ensured.

The said projects have won many accolades at various College fests.




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  1. Hello students,
    Nice concept , but I would like to know are the design standards up to the mark???? Like
    merging distance?
    diverging distance?
    Lane width considered?
    Shy or shoulder width?
    what is the design speed considered?
    What is the vertical grade considered for the ramps?
    Where are the pier location considered? Along with span between two consecutive piers ???

    Thanks regards
    Dnyneshwar chougule

  2. Great to see students showing the ideas. I hope ‘real’ implementors take some clues and execute the project that will be useful to public/commuters. Lest we see another case like the underpass constricted near court complex!


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