New Deputy Commissioner’s office at Belagavi will be 6 storied

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A comprehensive survey has been conducted on the premises of the Belagavi Deputy Commissioner’s office in preparation for the construction of a six-storey building. Surrounding the building on all four sides will be two-lane roads, with an inviting park at the entrance. The proposed building plan has received approval, and the tender process will commence shortly. Officials from the PWD department have estimated that funds ranging from 100 to 150 crores will be required for this project.

Additionally, the Public Works Department has conducted a survey for the new Collectorate building. The existing structure, along with nearby buildings such as the British sub-registry office, will be demolished to make way for the new construction. The planned Collectorate building will span 145 meters in length and 71 meters in width, featuring six storeys, including a two-storey basement and four-storey offices.

The proposed project involves utilizing a portion of the expansive nine-acre Deputy Commissioner’s premises to build the new office, covering an impressive two acres. This strategic allocation will ensure ample space for essential amenities such as parking, a beautifully landscaped garden, and other necessary infrastructure.

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Given the importance of the documents housed in the sub-registrar office, it is crucial to relocate and preserve them in a secure location. Sources within the sub-registration office have indicated that preparations are underway to facilitate this move. An alternate site is currently being sought, and measures to protect the documents have already been implemented. Unfortunately, it appears that some documents may have been lost due to a leak in the roof.

The entrance of the new building will face north, with a park and a two-lane road leading up to it. Additionally, two entrances will be established from the main road, one serving as the main entrance and the other connecting to the road leading to Chavat Galli from the rear. As part of the planned development, several buildings will be demolished. The land survey for this area has been conducted by officials from the PWD department. The building plan will be prepared accordingly, and the cost details will be submitted to the government for consideration.

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