New Kapileshwar tank could be a swimming pool soon

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A new tank of immersion of Ganesh idols was constructed by the city corporation this year by spending about Rs.1.5 crore in about two months time.

As this tank would be used only for Ganesh idol immersion the said tank would lie idle for the rest of the 10 months.
MLA Abhay Patil has been quoted in the TOI saying that, MLA now wishes to make this into an international standard swimming pool and the work on the same would begin from December.

This is just a thought and the MLA plans to hold a meeting with the authorities, take opinions from Sports field on the same before making a concrete plan.kapileshwartank

The entire area is of 1 acre 4 gunthas where earlier the Chindodi Leela rang mandir existed. The tank would be 50 mtrs long 20 mtrs wide and 15 feet deep and a 30 feet road on each side. On September 10, 2011 the Chindodi Leela rang mandir was brought down and work has commenced now. And the work had begun in mid July 2012.

The said tank over night is not fit for swimming as the tank was never constructed in keeping this thing in mind that it would be used as a swimming pool. A swimming pool requires inlet and outlet of water sources and as this tank holds about 32 lakh liters of water, it will not be an easy task to keep this water crystal clear and clean and also odorless.
The Rotary swimming pool where the filtration plant is operational for 12 hours day and has a capacity of 7 lakh liters.

To make this tank suitable for swimming some major changes need to be done which will cater to the safety of the swimmers. If changes such and bare necessities for a pool such as filtration plant, inlet outlet can be done this would be boon for the youngsters from the locality.
At the same time, this year with very less rainfall how will one manage the refilling of 32 lakh ltrs of water in here for swimming. 

2 thoughts on “New Kapileshwar tank could be a swimming pool soon”

  1. good show… can be done with few modifications… treatment plant can be established at corner of plot.. even there is no harm in reducing the size of the existing tank in case of area constrains.. thought to be given to use adjacent old tank for water treatment activities… thus project will turn to multipurpose service provider for whole year..!
    Good returns for taxpayers…!
    Jai ho…!

  2. Absolutely bad idea, this should have been planned before commencing the work of water tank. now it will cost a lot and also might go in vain . Firstly MLA Sir should understand the difference between a open immersion tank & standard “Swimming Pool” (forget international level). And most importantly scarcity of Water is a major issue.
    Instead, i suggest to develop the Ramatheertha water tank near Maratha mandir or construct a new pool near Killa Lake.


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