New Railway over bridge near Station on Khanapur Road


The Khanapur road is being widened to 120 feet from Peeranwadi but the biggest bottleneck was the existing bridge built by the British near the Railway station which ends at Maratha Mandir. That is currently very narrow and needs to be widened to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

rob-stationSources have confirmed AAB that a preliminary survey is being conducted for the said bridge to be widened to 120 feet.



  1. while widening the bridge please connect a road to congress road from the bridge so traffic can be diverted people going from goaves to congress road

  2. its very much needed. present railway bridge is to narrow & thing is after maratha mandir road is getting wide. at the same time fly over should be built at station circle & connected to railway over bridge.Big problem is at goaves coz many roads intersecting at this circle. So here is underpass will be better solution. next is third gate of course here also we need railway over bridge. So once this completed signal free road from railway station circle to peeraanwadi but question is ……… hope we know it.

  3. Very much needed and bridge can be extended as flyover to cover station road and congress rd as under pass


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