New Rani Chennamma University Campus Foundation laid

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Universities should be a platform for substantive research: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai

Universities should create an environment conducive to education. This is the century of knowledge. The power of the world leans towards knowledge. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai called on universities to realize this and improve the quality of education.

The RCU campus will come up at the Mallappan Hill in Hire Bagevadi in 126 acres.

New experiments must happen at the university. There are many technological and scientific changes. Accordingly, the university should become the center of innovation.

If there is to be a radical change in the field of education it is possible through the university.

A new education policy has been implemented to empower youth with knowledge and confidence. Professors need to get out of the classrooms of universities and cover their research. Therefore, advocacy should be carried out on ethical and public research.

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Efficient leadership is paramount in education. The chancellors of the university must take such leadership. Chief Minister Bommai assured that the government will always support the quality of education.

Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ashwaththanarayan CN, said the land was provided to the university with the objective of providing better educational facilities to the students of this area.

The government is providing the necessary facilities to make the youth self-reliant and better by providing better education, skills and technology.

The government will provide all facilities to improve the educational quality of Belagavi district.

The government has promised to take steps to improve the quality of education in all districts of the state over the next one year through the Super Thirty project.

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