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A New ray of hope for slum dwellers by Mahesh foundation

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Mahesh Jadhav of Mahesh Foundation along with Dr Harish Hande Chairman Selco
Mahesh Jadhav of Mahesh Foundation along with Dr Harish Hande Chairman Selco

Mahesh Foundation had commenced the AADHAR Village program in 2012, under the guidance of Late Shri Suresh Hundre, a mentor & inspiration to everyone at Mahesh Foundation.

AADHAR Integrated Energy Center was recently inaugurated and it has been a dream come true.
It was truly a serendipitous moment when Dr Harish Hande Chairman Selco And Magsaysay Award Winner who cut the ribbon & officially inaugurated the AADHAR Integrated Energy Center & Clinic.


He was recently awarded the 2011 Ramon Magsaysay Award recognizing his efforts to build a social enterprise that brings customized, affordable and sustainable electricity to India’s vast rural population

This marks another major milestone in Mahesh Foundation’s efforts at bringing comprehensive care to the people of Sagar Nagar slum. It has always been an uphill task to provide for even the basic needs of the residents of the slum, for which now Mahesh Foundation has a permanent platform and standing. The brand new Community Center brings true the dreams of an Anganwadi & a permanent clinic alongside a solar energy center which has won the hearts of the residents by bringing in light in their dark nights. The response to the community center has been overwhelming, with people coming from places even outside the slum to avail its services.

The foundation have once again delivered upon our promise to the residents of Sagar slum to bring about a positive change in their arduous lives, brought A New Hope for a better tomorrow for them & their children.


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