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New Sign Board: Where is this Kotekere

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This is a new board put up by the Karnataka Tourism board at the Gogte Cirlce (Railway Station Circle). It is on the Left hand corner of the Congress Road at the circle. So people coming from Military Mahadev from Congress Road can see it tough the placement is not so visible due the electricity pole.
The biggest Question to me where is this Kotekere, 3 km from there. The graphical sign is of a Beach, with coconut tress and thatch huts.
Please I need to know where is this place 3 kms from Gogte Circle. (now you might say, this guy is blogging about Belgaum and why is he asking us, But I don’t know so only I am asking)

Just got know that “Kere” in Kannada means Lake and Kote means “Fort”, so is that Lake near the Fort? Must be.

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