Nirani reiterates international airport at Kittur

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Minister for Medium and Heavy Industries Murugesh Nirani has reiterated the demand for an international airport for North Karnataka region.

Speaking to the media in Belagavi the minister categorically said that the North Karnataka region must have an international airport. The airports in Hubballi and Belagavi are domestic.


Minister further added that he has personally spoken to some private investors to build and operate an international airport in Kittur, between Hubballi and Belagavi; And they are interested.

The minister said as it is situated on the national highway almost equidistant from Belagavi and Hubballi and is not far from the Karwar sea port, it is an ideal location.

9 thoughts on “Nirani reiterates international airport at Kittur”

  1. It is very difficult to international passenger, go to another Airport (Domestic), why not expand Belgaum Airport as International Airport, since more passenger fly from here.

  2. What’s the use of Hubballi and Belagavi airports? Making an international airport at kittur makes no sense as we already have Belagavi and Hubballi airport that are well connected to the country. If and international airport is made at Kittur, then Belagavi airport and Hubballi airport will be suppressed as airlines will give more importance to the Kittur airport and IXG or HBX. Indeed An international airport at Kittur is a good Idea but then IXG and HBX might not get new routes regularly. This what I think it depends on how public will respond.

  3. What’s the use of IXG and HBX ? If an international airport is made kittur then IXG and HBX will be suppressed. These airports are well connected to other cities in the country. But then they will be not get new routes regularly as Airlines will give importance to the Kittur airport. Indeed airport at Kittur is a good idea and it is equidistant to both Belagavi and Hubballi. But then these airports running successfully under UDAN scheme will lose their importance. The runway of IXG can handle international flights. This is what I think it depends on how public will respond to this

  4. Save the soil. Plant more trees and make more forests. Forests are being converted to agricultural lands and agricultural lands soon become NA lands to satisfy the bottomless bellies of greedy thugs..

    We don’t need a new airport in the middle of two important domestic ariports.

  5. They should make belgaum airport as international airport because there are many passengers are flying from belgaum airport if kittur become international airport then belgaum and hubli will have heavy loss….

  6. I personally feel instead of getting into tussel between Hubballi and Belagavi, this proposal of Kittur is best option.
    The intl airports are allwayd away from city. They need huge area for Cargo, flight hangers, flight maintenance areas, inside shops etc. It will generate huge employment opportunity.

    Even in Mumbai new Internatiinal Airport is coming up in Panvel far away from Mumbai, closer to New Mumbai.

    Above all the historical place like Rani Chennamma’s Kittur will get into International Aviation Circle for which each one of us should be proud of.

    Go and grab this opportunity, push this proposal at all levels and get it done.

    I will be looking ahead towards Rani Chennmma International Terminus at Kittur..


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