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No change in Halga Peeranwadi bypass route

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It was a shocker to the farmers whose land will be acquired for the Halga Peeranwadi bypass road. When this plan was laid down the farmers from Halga, Old Belgaum, Angol, Vadgaon, Machhe & Peeranwadi had approached the government asking them to divert the bypass from unfertile land along the Rajhunsgad area.

The NHAI has not adhered to this request of the farmers and MP Suresh Angadi said that he cannot do anything now and he tried his best to avoid this thing from happening.

A three day deadline has been given after which the work will commence on the said road.

The farmers are furious about this land acquisition and say they will die but not give their land which gives them their bread. The farmers now are getting ready to fight this out in the court of law.

Agriculture is the backbone of the country and if all fertile land is acquired for some or the other use than agriculture, how will a nation survive when there is an alternate route which saves this land.

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  1. There are quite a few Halagas around Belgaum, I think this road will connect Halga- the one that you cross for reaching Belgaum from Dharwad- to Peeranwadi. Am I right? For what reason is this road coming up?


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