No COVID-19 positive patient in Belagavi district



Deputy Commissioner Dr. S B Bommmnahalli today said that as on 17-3-2020 there is NO COVID-19 positive patient in Belagavi District.


The medical staff has been deployed on the borders of Goa and Maharashtra and checking of symptoms is being carried out there only so as to prevent any spread in the district.

A meeting was held with private hospitals, business associations, Religious trusts, and others on how to contain the spread of the virus.

covidmeet54 persons have been traced in the district who have returned from affected countries. But no one has been tested covid-19 positive as yet.

3 persons were under surveillance for 28 days, 8 persons have completed 14 days and 41 persons have completed their first 14 days of care.

None of the 54 persons have shown any symptoms of Covid-19 and only if symptoms are visible then further tests are conducted.



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