No implementation of Auto fare by meter in Belgaum

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autometerThe RTO seems really not interested in the welfare of the citizens at large. When yesterday we met the RTO V K Hemadri his answers were blatantly depressing for the honor of the chair. For the question asked what is the current status of the implementation of the auto fares he said, ask the DC if you want to know more about it. 

Hearing this answer we were astonished with the manner in which the authorities are looking at this issue and how each one is interested in playing the game of table tennis, throwing the ball into the others court. All the auto meter repairers have gone back sighting festival, now is this real reason or something else needs to be seen.
The auto drivers after the 3 days strike have now come back with a vengeance and now speak more rudely “Baithne ka baitho itna lagne wala. Woh meter kya nahi chalta idhar. Woh tum aur Tumahara DC dekh lo.”

A commuter said the approach of the auto drivers has gone from bad to worse. Aren’t the rules made for each one then why not on them as well. Many say Garib hain Bechare. On this a citizen pronounced – “Nahi hum to sab bank loot kar jeete hain.”

From this one thing is aptly clear the RTO is not interested in implementing the Auto fares for reasons known only to them.
The citizens, the Clubs, other NGOs, Political parties who come up with protests are not seeing protesting for the implementation WHY?

This is a cause for the betterment of the entire society of Belgaum not for one but for all. Why not rise and ask the DC the questions? Why is the RTO not implementing the Auto fares is there a nexus?

For this we dont need to gather you and your groups can individually approach the DC and ask him questions give memorandums and ask Questions.
The feeling is that not all citizens want this only a few select want this to be implemented which is totally false.

5 thoughts on “No implementation of Auto fare by meter in Belgaum”

  1. It appears that RTO is getting favor
    from auto drivers association hence he is annoyed .Nobody should take as personal ego in the larger interest of public.

  2. Only a public response that “no meter no Rickshaw” can help in this situation.people must resort to public transport and believe in their feet.Sadly very difficult,hence makes it so vulnerable

  3. Auto rickshaw drivers are abusers.. Till date they have been charging heavily and become lazy ans are seen sitting in corners.. My personal experience goes like this. I wanted to go to subhas photo studio from hanuman nagar.. Auto driver charged 100 rupees.. If meters will be fixed it will not cost more than 40 rupees.. How can a lazy auto driver let it happen? Only thing that will teach them lesson is customer.. Without customer how will they earn?

  4. The best option is to improve public transport connectivity, add more buses till late night (at least at railways and bus station) increase competition with auto and then they will automatically learn there lesson.


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