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No kits for tests come after 2 days

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The Sakal in a story has brought to the fore the issue lack of availability of Rapid Antigen test(RAT) kits at BIMS Belagavi.

Many persons who had come for RAT tests were sent back saying there is no stock of RAT kits.

However the District Health officer has denied this and said sufficient stock of RAT kits is there in the warehouse but due to the public holidays there could have been a delay.


Over the past month the number of tests have reduced which is not a good sign. Thr test positivity rate is 1.58% and the tests per million considering 5 million as the population is 303.8.

The drastic drop means that there are cases not being uncovered due to lack of testing.

The correct way would be that number of tests remain the same and number of positives comes down, then it is a sign of decline in the spread of the virus.

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