No Landlslide in Amboli Ghat – its SPAM

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This message has been doing the rounds since this morning and each one is sharing it without verifying the truth.

Amboli Ghat huge landslide. People travelling to Sindhudurg and Goa for Ganesh Chaturthi avoid Amboli route. Instead take Kolhapur-Radhanadri-Fonda-Kankavali or Kolhapur-Belgaum-Chorla-Panjaji Route.

amboli-landslide-spamIt is SPAM.

There is no Landslide of any sorts in Amboli ghat and the PWD engineer has clarified that there is not landslide in Amboli Ghat.

So people should not share this false message spread by mischief mongers and create panic.

10 thoughts on “No Landlslide in Amboli Ghat – its SPAM”

    • Go and see and come. U have an issue with this site dont follow as simple as that When we post something it has been authenticated, and why should i give you proof you are supreme court

  1. News sites like yours are no better… you can do anything for a sensational story. Money its everything man (/woman)! What won’t i do for money! Sorry for speaking the bitter truth. And NDTV etc. are big players (lions) and you are just cats.

    • I posted story send me link where is the story. this is the only story we have posted.
      Have u gone nuts??? this was the only story posted by us yesterday after so many people sharing and asking us about the same.
      Where did u see AAB post the news of the Landslide
      Be sure where u see what and comment


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