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No more take offs from Sambra – airport has a deserted look

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After the last flight which took off to Bengaluru on Feb 28, which had about 50+ passengers, the Sambra airport is now deserted as Spicejet has shifted all its operations to Hubballi and as per its press release this is because of shortage of planes.

Belgaum Airport Terminal

With this the airport connectivity to one of the oldest airport’s in the country has again come to a halt.

The Sambra airport dates back to 1942, when it was under the Patwardhan Sarkar of Sangli. The Patwardhan Sarkar gave permission for establishing the air base at Sambra to the Royal Air Force (RAF) in late 1942.

In 1947 Belgaum was sole city with an airport. In 1986 the airports was privatized and then later given over to the Airports authority of India. Indian Airlines had regular service from here but in late 1980’s it got dis continued and in 1989 private players like Vayudoot started operations with the Belgaum – Mumbai and Belgaum- Bangalore services.

1993-95 East west airlines flew from here and in 1994 NEPC also started operations. In 1997-98 Span Airways had its operations from here. IN 1998 Gujrat airways commenced its operations on Bangalore Belgaum Pune route but due to lack of traffic and technical reasons its stopped its operations. In 1999 air services from Sambra stopped completely.

After 1999 till 2003 the airport was being utlised by politicians and the Air force for training with no commercial flights.

In 2003 Air Deccan the low cost airline started its operations and Belgaum was back on the radar. Service was commenced on 29 September 2003 with the Mumbai – Bangalore service via Belgaum. Later due to lack of traffic only Belgaum – Bangalore service was in operation.

This airport also acted as a base during the Goa liberation movement in 1961.

Time line:

1942- The Royal Air Force (RAF) established its base at Sambra

1947- Indian Airlines commenced its operations from here

1989- Private airline operators given permission

1989-93- Vayudoot Private carrier flew from here

1993-95- East West Airways Also took off from here

1994-96- NEPC Commenced its operations

1997-98- Span Airways

1998-99- Gujrat Airways

2003-09- Air Deccan (Kingfisher Red)

17 June 2009 – Kingfisher stops flights

Nov 22, 2012 – Spicejet starts operations

28 February 2015 – Spicejet Stops its operations

5 thoughts on “No more take offs from Sambra – airport has a deserted look”

  1. Thia is very sad news to hear that the flights has been stopped…. they have to understand the people working from belgaum all over the word and they have limited time to visit their home town within a short period.

    Dont know when the belgaum will develop? ???

  2. Its really very sad a place like Belgaum Is not having flights. Everytime they operate for a short span and then stop. Cant something be done about this problem??
    When is Belgaum going to be developed.

  3. As per news, SpiceJet suspended services to six cities, Belagavi, Thiruvananthapuram, Aurangabad, Indore, Lucknow & Surat.
    Reason: The airline is now on a revival path with efforts to streamline its summer schedule and to maximise network efficiencies with its current and planned summer fleet.
    Future: Promises to return to these cities once it adds more planes.
    Conclusion: Wait endlessly.

  4. Once the CMO of J G CO HOSPITAL GHATAPRABHA had been to meet Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art Of Living requesting him to be the chief guest to inaugurate The newly constructed Naturopathy Centre, Sri Sri denied to come due to no flight to Belgaum.

    Coincidentally Air Deccan started its operations few days before the inauguration and hence The Naturopathy Centre was inaugurated by Sri Sri.

    are once again lucky days going to arrive for Belgaum?


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