No one bids for Bapat galli car parking


love dale belagavi

An Auction Tender was to be opened on January 30, 2015 the parking fees are as follows: Cars – Rs.15 for every three hours

Bikes- Rs. 10 for every three hourscar-parking-bapat-galli


But no one has placed a bid for the same as yet. It means now again a new auction will have to be arranged.

The current fee structure is – Rs.5 for two wheelers and Rs.10 for Four wheeler for a duration of THREE hours. After the auction is done the new prices would be Rs.15 for cars from the earlier Rs.10.

We have been pressing on this subject, Are we being looted for Car parking in Bapat Galli, as one has to pay Rs.20 for three hours and there is no one hear. No boards put up even when the City Corporation itself is handling the Car parking currently.

Trinity Belagavi
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