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With no rains drinking water crisis deepens

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Its almost the end of June and Belagavi has hardly seen some good rains which can be measured. Its cloudy over a fortnight but the rains have given it a miss.

The administration has approved a Rs 1.94-crore contingency plan to provide drinking water to Belagavi city. About 65 borewells will come up within a week under the plan which has been necessitated due to deficient rainfall.

rakaskop-lowThe water level at Rakaskop reservoir has reached dead storage and water is being pumped from that, and supplied once in 6-10 days. The 10 demo wards under the 24×7 water supply have also been affected.

The Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board has installed about 10 high capacity pump sets to lift water from the dead storage in Rakaskopp reservoir. The dead storage at Rakasakopp could meet the drinking water needs of the city for the next 10 days.

If there is no rains in the catchment areas of the Markandeya river water from Hidkal would be supplied but it would also be once in 8-10 days.

There has been no inflow into the Rakaskop reservoir as there has been almost nil rainfall in the nearby catchment areas.

9 thoughts on “With no rains drinking water crisis deepens”

  1. Drilling bore wells can not be a solution. On long run it will ruin the emergency storages of water underground. Please stop this reckless drilling. Do something sustainable activity. It is like drilling well when house is on fire. Stop 24 hour water supply in view of 30 to 40 percent leakages going as waste from the pipeline. Water release regulation, conservation, and metering is the the need of the hour. corporation is firing in dark.

  2. This is every year’s story with water. The administration should think of increasing the capacity of the water storage rather than drilling the bore wells and further decrease the ground water level. I fail to understand how they think. And as far as 24 water supply, it should be given just 1 hour a day for the whole year which is more than sufficient for every house hold to serve the purpose. And utilise the same remaining 23 hours for times like this.

  3. Why don’t govt takes initiative to clean the reservoir by removing dirt accumulated over the past years. Depth should be increased as the population of the city is increasing day by day and rain fall is decreasing.Part from that leakages should be fixed.

  4. We all belgavikars need to educate these corporators about the basic of water reserves and sustainable ground water creation common we hv not elected you all for this ….absolute big NO NO to bore wells, pls share this message in your network.

    If we don’t act now then future will be a thirsty life.

  5. The corporation gets funds amounting in lacks on yearly for repair and maintainance of water supply for entire city right from the source of water to the user end. But the maint and repair happnes only on paper and bills are paid through fake work orders. In addition to that management of new fund allotment ia done for new fake bills. So this is the bread and butter of the people incharge of the system right from bottom to top with their respective fixed cuts.


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