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Amboli in the rains is ecstatic

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Located at an altitude of 690 mtrs, Amboli is one of the wettest places in Maharashtra and is covered in a blanket of fog for most of the day during the monsoon and is just 70 kms from Belgaum. Amboli is known for its exotic beauty in the monsoons with loads of waterfalls, mist, rain all over to make one wet and wild.amboli

This year the tough the number of tourists going to Amboli has reduced due to lack of rainfall. The main waterfalls is now flowing but not as it did same time last year. But even then the atmosphere is mystic and people who go there are mesmerized with the nature.

Amboli was hit by landslides last year and this year precautions have been taken to avert the same but Amboli has already seen a few small land slides so one needs to be careful.

Also the police are on high alert on weekends especially to control the crowds and the young ones in particular who get drunk and cause mischief.

Other options for monsoon trips would be Tillari.

So when are you AMBOLI-ing!

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  1. THe forests surrounding Belgaum are all stupendous during the rains. We went to Swapnavel yesterday and we were all awestruck by nature’s beauty. Will write about it soon and post pics too.


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