No transport vehicles to Goa after entry tax imposed – AIMTC

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We would like to bring to your kind notice about the Entry Tax levied by the State of GOA on the vehicles registered outside the State. The GOA is blatantly collecting entry tax of Rs. 1000 per trip per vehicle. The vehicles from Karnataka and Maharashtra make daily entry to the state of GOA and travel only 20 – 25 km and come back after offloading of the goods. This way the transporters will be made to cough up approx. Rs 30,000/- per month.goatax

All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) protests against the levy of such illegal tax and supports the call given by Kolhapur District Lorry Owners Operators Association (KDLOA), Ponda Goods Transport Association (PGTA), Belgaum Lorry Owners Association to stop sending their vehicles to the State of GOA.

The transporters from the markets of Belgaum and Kolhapur have decided to stop entry of vehicles from tomorrow (April 18, 2013) as the talks with the Government of GOA to roll back the entry tax imposed on the border has failed.

Belgaum Vegetable Owners Association has already stopped their supplies to Goa since yesterday, immediately after the entry tax was imposed.


4 thoughts on “No transport vehicles to Goa after entry tax imposed – AIMTC”

  1. Well when petrol gets sold Rs 20 / litre cheaper, the funding for that had to come from somewhere, here it is. Other state people pay for low prices of petrol, diesel and LPG for Goans.
    Good for goans but bad for Indians.
    On a lighter note : Goods Train Rs 5000, Passenger Train Rs 10000 and Flights Rs 25000 per entry into Goa.


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