No vacancy ! All hotel rooms booked from December 6 to 24


no-vacancIf you are planning to visit Belagavi from December 6 to 24, be ready to see the No vacancy board in all the hotels as the district administration has reserved all the available rooms in the city for the legislators and others who will be coming to the city for the winter session of the Karnataka assembly.

Apart from MLAs, there will be ministers, secretaries and other officials coming for the session. Accommodation will also be provided for marshals and drivers.
Accommodation for a few will be arranged in Hubbali as well.


The session commences on December 9 and will end on December 20.



  1. This is crap!!! DC also should declare “No Business”, “No Wedding”etc… what would people do who come to Belgaum for business or for wedding/receptions? where should they stay?
    Such sessions should not be a burden to the citizens, instead they should be boon….. I want to see how many crucial decisions will be taken during these sessions in Belgaum.

  2. If that is the case, then what about a common man visiting belagavi for some personal work ? Will the state government take a look into this matter ? !!


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