North Karnataka Floods BSY to conduct aerial survey Tomorrow

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The flood situation in districts of North Karnataka due to incessant rain in Maharashtra and North Karnataka regions has damaged property and affected people badly.

The government is monitoring the situation and has directed all district-in-charge secretaries through the Chief Secretary to take up rescue and relief operations on a war footing.

Currently, Belagavi, Bagalkot, Vijayapura, Yadagiri, and Raichur districts have been severely affected.

Many villages were submerged and the flood has caused heavy losses to agriculture crops and other properties and houses. People and cattle are stranded.

In an unfortunate incident, Shivananda Shankara Naik a youth from Ankalagi village of Gokak taluk has washed away in flood. Several bridge cum barrages were submerged.

District Administrations need to take up rescue and relief operations in a war footing and ensure the safety of the lives of human and cattle.
Many villages have lost road connectivity and converted to islands. People and cattle must be shifted from such places immediately.

As an immediate relief measure, DCs must provide food, clothing, blankets and other amenities to the victims and fodder must be provided for cattle.
Rescue operations must gain full swing with the help of NDRF, SDRF, Military and other forces.
As there is a forecast of heavy rains in these flood-affected districts necessary precautionary measures also must be taken.

bsyCM appreciated the rescue and relief measures taken by Belagavi and Raichur District administrations and directed to provide appropriate rehabilitation.

Currently, 3 teams from NDRF are involved in rescue operations in Belagavi and Raichur District and DCs were directed to get more teams deployed if required.

Personnel from Fire Services, Police, Revenue and other Departments were directed to take part in relief works day and night.
DCs were told to ensure good food, clean drinking water, milk and other basic facilities at temporary shelters to the victims.

As heavy damage is caused in the downstream of River Krishna due to a sudden release of water from several dams of Maharashtra, officers were directed to take precautionary measures.
Officers were told to keep in touch with authorities in Maharashtra regarding the release of water from dams and alert the villagers alongside Krishna river beforehand.

Saving human and cattle lives is the priority of the Government and rehabilitation works must be given importance.

Chief Minister will conduct an aerial survey of the flood-affected districts and review the situation.

There is no dearth of grants for relief work. The Government is prepared to provide additional grants if required.

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  1. All of these must be planned pre hand. Lack of plan caused loses to Farmers, fields directly to the people cause low yields less stock pay more to get, water loss reservoir aren’t constructed summer people suffer shortage of water. Everything is related but the lazy bulls don’t understand. That’s just disgusting. What an immature d govt v have. What ever ur Age, is just a number, it’s maturity what matters


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