No Trees would be cut at Vaccine depot for development of Heritage park

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We have got the details about the development of the Heritage Park at Vaccine Depot by Belagavi smart city limited.
The major takeaway is No existing trees are planned to be cut in this project and all the construction is from the natural materials.

Development of Heritage Park

Phase-1 Works: Construction of Two Check weirs for impounding stormwater for rainwater harvesting and irrigation for plants and trees.

This is already over.

Check weir dam at Vaccine Depot
Check weir dam at Vaccine Depot

Phase-2 Works: Development of Park.

Salient features of Heritage Park phase 2 :-

1. Pathway 4m Wide: Pathway is made of 4m width having GSB, Murrum soil and Sand Stone Masonry kerb on the sides are considered. (eco-friendly materials used)

2. Toilets: Toilets are constructed for convenience of morning walkers.

3. Seating pavilions/Gazebos: Seating pavilions/Gazebos are planned at 6 places along the 2.5 Km Pathway for the convenience of the walkers and Seniors citizens. It will act as in between breaks and exercise places.

4. Food Kiosks: Food kiosks are planned for young crowd and children.

5. Parking space: Constructed with grass pavers which allow stormwater to soak. Parking spaces are designed for the convenience of walkers. A designated parking space will be created for the safety of vehicles of visitors to the park and avoid traffic.

6. Open-air theatre: Open Air Theater planned to provide space for children, adults, and senior citizens to organize a small gathering or art performances, classes. Social interaction center.

7. Rashivan: Rashivan is a landscape area which will house plants of various native species. Plantation will be taken in open spaces and there is a proposal of planting about 5000 plants of native variety plants.

vaccine-depot-landscaping8. Navagraha court: Garden with pathways created for the visually appealing area with plants and shrubs of local native variety.

9. Herbal Garden: Small Plantation of shrubs and plants of Herbal and Medicinal properties.

3 thoughts on “No Trees would be cut at Vaccine depot for development of Heritage park”

  1. Good to hear. Plant herbal trees those would be the best For the soil people water n city. If theirs a stream passing by that’s water will have those medical properties to naturally cure diseases. Plan in such a way that the nature is not destroyed in anyways.

  2. When is so called SMART CITY Belgavi going to fix potholes in every road ? People can’t reach to parks without proper commuting. THINK SMART!

  3. Have a plan which starts with preserving what’s there than something new which can’t be maintained by the civil authority.


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