Not Leopard it is a civet cat sighted at Hindalco

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The residents of Hindalco Colony were Panic-stricken after a few of the residents spotted a leopard in the forest behind the Hindalco plant itself and CCTV footage which was unclear but all said it to be a Leopard, but now with the latest CCTV footage it appears that it was not a leopard but a civet Cat.

On November 9, the movement was caught on the CCTV camera installed by Syndicate Bank. The bank is located in the factory’s residential colony. The CCTV footage was really not clear to clearly establish that its a leopard but it looks similar.

civet-catcage leopard hindlaco

Now the Forest officials have clarified that it was this wild cat only that was captured by the CCTV then.

The colony residents, had been asked to stay indoors and also were asked not the move about alone; but in groups and also the residents have been told not to let children outside.

On the other hand, the Leopard sighted in Kudremani is still elusive and forest officials of both Karnataka and Maharashtra are on its look out.

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