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Not wearing helmets- driving license to be suspended for 3 months

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Karnataka state government has made more stringent rules under which the driving licence (DL) of violators will be suspended for three months if they are not wearing helmets.

Also Helmets are made compulsory for children above the age of four years.

As per law both the driver and the pillion rider are supposed wear protective head gear.

The rule applies to all parts of Karnataka, regardless of rural or urban limits.

Section 194D of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 has bee. Amended for including the suspension of licence.

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File pic – Riders fined for not wearing helmet in Belagavi

All RTOs have been directed to furnish details of DLs suspended for violation of the helmet rule, by the fifth of every month.

The notification cited Section 129 of the MV Act for making helmets must for children above the age of four years.

2 thoughts on “Not wearing helmets- driving license to be suspended for 3 months”

  1. Traffic police should first update their data from RTO. I have sold my bike more than a year ago but I still get the challan delivered to my address. I had furnished all the required details while transferring & RTO has also issued a new RC to the new owner. Now it will be a utter nonsense if I get my DL suspended while the new owner breaks any traffic rule.

  2. Also enforce traffic rules on rash driving by larger vehicles (trucks, cars, three wheeler, tractors), meter charging by autos. Two wheeler riders are a soft target. Show the same zeal in enforcing all traffic laws. On congress road, on a already narrow road, cars are parked randomly. This is a real traffic hazard. Provide paid parking on inner streets. Improve the two wheeler parking in the city market area.

    Wearing helmets is key to protecting life but all accidents are not only due to fault of two wheeler riders. It takes two to tango. Enforce all traffic regulations fairly. Otherwise it looks more like a revenue mopping exercise. Covid has sucked all of us, the government should use power judiciously.


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