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Today Abhay Patil MLA Belagavi south conducted a meeting regarding garbage, specifically regarding the RFID installed at 1lakh 10 thousand houses, basic of the RFID is to collect the waste from every house and swipe the RFID TAG.

The meeting was held at the Integrated command and control center.

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The waste is not being collected from every house nor the RFIDs are swiped. Only 500 RFIDs are active. Have directed the officials to make sure 50,000 RFIDs are tagged in coming 15 days and another 50,000 RFIDs after span of 15 days.

If RFID records do not reach the expected figure in command and control centre, the concerned contractor shall be fined and suitable action will be taken, said the MLA.

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14 thoughts on “Tag 50k RFIDs in a fortnight – Abhay Patil”

  1. In my locality, only the blue coloured plastic base is nailed on the wall of the buildings. . . That was more than a year ago. The vehicle comes at varying times, if at all it comes. The royalties stay in their royal trucks and the citizens/shopkeepers have to take our dustbins to the truck, IF AND WHENEVER IT ARRIVES

    • So true. It’s our fortune that they have showed up. We need to run before they disappear. And yes they could come as early as 6am so pls be ready not to miss it.

      • in our sv colony money paid kacharawala coming whereas in maratha colony
        near arun theatre free kacharawala gadi is coming why not in sv colony near arun theatre both are joined near floor mill so look into the matter abhayji i think you have neglected our colony in lockdown also you are requested to look into the matter hope required action will be taken immediately

  2. Dear Abhay Patil, if you are serious about this make sure you publish the name and details of contractor who is supposed to do this. Also ask them to daily publish the data as to which household they collected garbage and share this data with public. This will bring transparency and your efforts will have some impact. Otherwise this is all NEWS item only.

  3. It is a great move dear Abhay sir. But you now all the residents have to pay them the money every month or else they do not pick the waste next time. Please look into this

  4. Please make sure they come at least alternate day.
    In Tilakwadi 2nd gate it’s never fixed when they come.
    Sanjeev kabbur

  5. Please look into Udyambag Industrial Area.
    Not a single garbage collection van is allotted here.. We can see dumps everywhere in Udyambag.

  6. In my area they don’t come at all to collect the garbage,but are seen in adjacent galli ,atleast direct them to come alternate days

  7. In Shiva basav nagar house to house garbage collection is done every day very punctually, but the road side garbage is not done regularly. The garbage collection truck comes once a month that too only after lodging the complaint. Also, most importantly the garbage collectors don’t seem to be serious about doing their duties. Half of the garbage spills on the road while dumping.

  8. Firstly, I compliment Shri Abhay Patil for the initiatives he is taking regarding garbage collection. Request him to ensure the folliowing: –
    (a) Property Tax collection from every house.
    (b) RFID outside every registered property.
    (c) Name and mobile number of Sanitary Inspector, BCC Supervisor and the Garbage Collection Contractor to be made public and known to all residents.
    (d) Separate days be fixed for collecting dry waste including packing material etc, kitchen waste (wet garbage) and garden waste, The days fixed for each type of waste to be made public.
    (e) Make arrangements to collect fine from people throwing garbage on roadside.


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