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Notice to Property Tax Defaulters

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By uday

Notices have been issued to major property tax defaulters in Belagavi city as per the directive of the municipal commissioner. This campaign targets business establishments and residential property owners who owe more than Rs. 50,000 and have not paid property tax in the past 3-5 years.

The commissioner has decided to relaunch this campaign with increased determination. The primary goal is to recover outstanding dues from defaulters who have previously ignored notices.

To facilitate the recovery process, a list of defaulters has been compiled and notices have been dispatched. If the dues are not settled within the specified timeframe, a recovery process will be initiated. The Municipal Corporation’s tax department has been instructed to take strict action against defaulters.


The administration is committed to collecting the pending taxes, and non-compliance with the notice will result in further legal actions. Sealing properties and other punitive measures will be implemented to ensure compliance.

In an effort to enhance tax collection efforts, municipal authorities have devised a special recovery campaign targeting large defaulters. The commissioner has instructed officials to prioritize the recovery of substantial amounts owed by commercial establishments. The administration is optimistic that these measures will significantly boost property tax collection in the city.

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  1. The bridge been 3rd gate to D mart is not in good condition as in many places slope like shapes tp bridge roas took place, which may lead to accidents, which transport n surface minister has to look for repair , setting right immediately.

  2. The website
    Belgaum municipal corporation ls not functioning from long time even some want to pay tax for current financial is not possible
    First time concerned authorities should make necessary arrangements for making the website site active
    So that the sincere tax payers will also not come into defaulters list
    Treat this as feedback


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