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Now a MBA student commits suicide

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Vaibhav Shigahalli hanged himself in his home at Vaibhav Nagar as he had failed in one subject, the note he left mentioned, he was 21 and a student of IMER.

On Wednesday an engineering student had committed suicide and now this news of an MBA student hanging himself on Thursday is very shocking.

Vaibhav in his letter had written that his eyes should be donated.

He hanged himself in his room when no one was there in the house.

10 thoughts on “Now a MBA student commits suicide”

  1. Ridiculous.. what’s wrong with you young people.. if u can’t handle studies just give it up nd take some job, at least that way ur parents will be happy.

    • Humans today can’t handle stress and have too much expectation from themselves. Parents, friends and society expects too much.

  2. After you commute suicide,you don’t have knowledge how your parents suffer,its better you quit studies.rathar than your life.

  3. This is just too difficult to understand. Simple things like failing in a few subjects forcing to take life. Colleges please provide some professional counselling. We all fail so many times in life.

  4. Only losers commit suicide. Failing doesn’t mean the end of the World. Colleges and Schools should have some sort of counseling for students before the exams. That’s not worthy of losing a life. That’s really sad for the parents who struggle a lot.

  5. wt big deal if u fail.. it’s foolishness to give ur life for a silly reason .. I had once failed .. one of my friend also failed with me in the same class. She committed suicide and I gave re-exam. was just a matter of 2 months. and today I am happily studying and scoring good marks.. so failing is not life. please don’t take such stupid decisions.

  6. Guys Vaibhav Shigahalli was very nice person, he is very good in nature…..soft in nature. he was karate Champion. he had very bright future ahead………… Yes MBA is not very difficult to clear . but he has gone lot of depression so he committed suicide. Whole IMER Family Miss him lot…….(He is my friend)
    When person is in depression, mind become total blink…………. we have not chosen life, birth is given by god so we don’t have any right to end life. his parents are in lot of pain & we also……….. missing good friend. please share your problems with parents, friends,relatives,close one………….. they are always with us. surely they will help us…… Life has lot of challenges accept it, fight for it, surely you will get want you need… Please no suicide share your problems…………. Be strong mentally & physical, TC.

  7. Hello folks
         I need a little time of yours.
    Well this isn’t any repost. But just a small way to reach out all my friends out there.
    I always wanted to know more about depression and suicidal. Wait this isn’t any interesting story but yeah this so called boring story which has capability to take  away  many lives.
    Life isn’t any bed of roses. For some it goes really well and easy, for some it doesn’t.
    Who says life offers only one chance?
    Who says your life ends after your first big mistake?
    Who says you’ve no rights to commit mistakes?
    Who says you aren’t perfect for this world?
    Who says you’re nobody?
    No folks, grow up. You aren’t a child now. You have your thinking capability. You know what you are. Don’t let the world judge you. You are what you are meant to be. 
    Remember, all that happens is for a good cause.
    Try finding the good reasons for every bad thing that happens with you. You’ll then stop complaining about life.
    Someone in a far off world is waiting for you to light up their world.
    Not particularly n only be your life partner, it might be an orphan child, might be a helpless on some Street, might be a wounded victim, you never know. 
    Sometimes a little help means too much.
    You’re here to reach out that person who needs you. 
    Depression, suicide can be never be your options..
    Silence can never help, speak out share your problems, only then you’ll get a relief.

    In anyway if I can in future or now help you people get out of your depression with my personal experience, that’ll be my greatest pleasure, I’ll get my another reason to make this life a meaningful one. My doors for you are always open. Depression isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a part of life, a small test, come let’s talk n fight and yes we will win this battle.

    Sometime in future if somebody comes up to you with their problems, never ignore. Especially a suicidal or a person with depression.
    If you ever do so, that’ll be your greatest failure.



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