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Auto driver plays good Samaritan

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For citizens of Belagavi who are fed up with negative stories of auto rickshaw drivers, their attitude to passengers and their exorbitant demands here is a story with a difference. This is a story of a good Samaritan in the form of an auto rickshaw driver who took a patient to a hospital before they could down its shutters as they were protesting today.

Indian medical association had announced that the private OPD’s will be closed on Thursday to mark their protest to the KPME amendment bill 2017. However many patients faced huge problems as the private hospitals were shut down from Thursday morning. Although many hospitals said that the patients will be allowed in emergency cases.

hancinmaniOne such patient Raghvendra Badiger, who suffering by severe stomach pain arrived at Central bus stand from Hukkeri today morning 7.30 am. The pain was irresistible for him and he was literally crying for help at Central bus stand.

Shivanand Hanchinmani an auto driver who was aware that the hospitals are going to close due to their protest, reached up to the patient and asked that which hospital wanted to go. He then took him to Lake view hospital who was immediately admitted and the shutter were closed to mark the protest.

The patient was moved into ICU and received treatment immediately. The relatives of Raghvendra, appreciated the service of auto driver Hanchinmani and thanked him for reaching them to the hospital before it get closed.

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