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Nurse from Belgaum goes missing in Saudi Arabia

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23-year old nurse, Tanaz Shaikh from Belgaum went missing in Saudia Arabia, following ”forced” kidney extraction. Tanaz, who joined Mouwasat Hospital in Riyadh as a nurse in March 2010, developed a severe stomachache that persisted for a few months. Tanaz’s family doubts human trafficking racket behind the incident. The girl has been missing after one of her kidneys were allegedly removed by doctors in Mouwasat Service Company Hospital, without her consent. She was working as a nurse in that hospital. Shamshad, the mother of Tanaz Shaikh, 23, adopted Tanaz when she was orphaned as a child.

Shamshad petitioned Belgaum DC Anbu Kumar and SP Sandeep Patil seeking their assistance to trace her daughter after pleas to Indian embassy in Riyadh and SM Krishna, the then external affairs minister, yielded no response in July this year.

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  1. Shamshed has taken a prudent step by approaching the Belgaum DC Anbu Kumar and SP Sandeep Patil. The case may be forwarded to the Interpol.It’s a sad & bad thing that the indian embassy nor the Minister S.M Krishna did not respond to the pleas.


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