Nurse’s Betrayal: Jewelry Theft Worth Rs 12.31 Lakh Unveiled in Camp; Swift Police Action Recovers Loot

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By uday

A recent incident unfolded in the camp where a nurse, entrusted with the care of a sick woman, stole jewelry worth a staggering Rs 12 lakh 31 thousand from the household. The camp police swiftly intervened, interrogating the suspect, Shridevi, and successfully recovered all the stolen jewelry.

According to the police, Rukhsana Jal Nanji, a resident of the camp, had hired a nurse last month to tend to her ailing mother. Little did she know that during the period between January 5 and February 4, this nurse would betray her trust and commit the robbery.

The audacious thief meticulously searched the house and made off with 175 grams of gold and diamond ornaments, along with 50 grams of silver ornaments, all of which were securely stored in the cupboard. The total value of the stolen items amounted to a staggering Rs 12 lakh 31 thousand.

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Upon being apprehended and questioned, the culprit, without hesitation, confessed to her heinous act. Consequently, a case has been registered against her, and the diligent efforts of Camp Inspector Altaf Mulla and his team have brought justice to the victims. In recognition of their exemplary work, the Commissioner of Police has announced a reward of Rs.10,000 for the team responsible for solving this case.

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