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Obituary – MORE THAN JUST A DOCTOR TO ME – Dr.Sandeep Madhwapathy

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Obituary- Dr.Sandeep Madhwapathy

by Sameer Majli
It is not often that we get to meet individuals whose persona influences one in a manner which goes beyond individuality. Having had the good fortune of working with Dr. Sandeep Madhwapathy, I cannot help but reach out to those who know him in the capacity of being a doctor, a relentless worker, a friend, a family member, an employer and more than that, an inspiration of sorts. Its seldom that we get to meet “A man with a mission”, but to me, having known him, the way I do, he was, is and will always be a person that I will always look up to.
People will have their tales and experiences but there is no denying that mammoth proportions that he was able to accomplish in his individual capacity. Having been there, I have been part of his discussions with his patients, most often, individuals destined to doom and this has been a valuable experience and lesson that I will cherish for life. The hundreds who walked into his hospital with hope, may not have lived to tell a tale of survival but will always be testimony to his fight against a much dreaded disease. A one man army of sorts, his zeal for work overtook all fatigue and his smile in the evenings was as radiant and energetic as it used to be in the wee hours of the day when he undertook his surgeries. A fitness freak of sorts, his oratory is something that will stay with me for more than a while.
What he left behind is a tale that would maybe inspire others or maybe even his family to take his work onwards. What he left behind in the form of his team of co-workers is a matter of concern for me since I know most of them personally and also know how much he meant to all of them. Tales will be told about how things might have been had he chosen to lighten his effort and commitments but then, knowing him to be among the fittest that I have seen or the fittest that seemed to be, one does get more than a gentle reminder of the transient nature of human existence and the importance of making every moment count. Maybe today was his destiny and maybe this brevity of existence is what made him stretch beyond himself to make his life worthwhile.
Inspiration comes to those who hunger for it and maybe it just manifests itself in such individuals who are testimony to what can be done by an individual who thrives on self-belief as a driving force that defines what life chooses to offer rather than just being one more existence in our sweet corner of this blue planet.
RIP Doc…..
It’s more than just me that will miss you. I will always hold it against you that you did not keep the promise that you had made to give me a few moments of your precious time in the coming week.


7 thoughts on “Obituary – MORE THAN JUST A DOCTOR TO ME – Dr.Sandeep Madhwapathy”

  1. I was shocked to know his news….RIP DR Sandeep Madhawapathy. I agree he was more than a doctor infact to my family he was god…..!!!!!

  2. Dear Mr. Samir Malji, Yesterday when I got this shocking news from one of my friends from Belgaum…I could hardly believe it. I was on way back to solapur ,when I got this sad news, the moment I reached back to my hospital ,I frantically searched the inernet to seek more detials, & i felt fortunate to have discovered your site on the net.Toady when I read the obituary that you have posted, I felt really proud to have known a friend like sandeep. No doubt he was a powerhouse of inspiration.Why god for all the reasons cuts short people like sandeep ? Knowing fully well that the only thing that is certain in our life is death, the parody lies in the fact that this very death is most uncertain! May life of late Dr. Sandeep inspire ,many other budding oncosurgeons & especially his young son whom I believe is studying Medicine to carry forward his mission….with sincere condolences Dr. kumthekar.

  3. Having known Dr sandeep for only a short time, he was a man who exhibited great confidence, enthusiasm and above all humility. He was full of grace and charm. They say ‘God loves those who die young’,It’s true for Dr sandeep.

  4. Belgaum will miss you your friends and your patients will miss you, you were a pioneer an innovator and above all a wonderful human being.RIP

  5. I could not believe when I received a call from an ex-colleague of mine on 1st October about Sandeep’s untimely death.Sometimes I wonder why very good people have to leave this world so early. I met him in 1993 when he operated me on 1st October at Medgud Hospital, Belgaum. I owe my life to his uncle the late Dr.B.G.Kulkarni and Sandeep. BGK diagnosed my problem correctly and advised me to operate. Sandeep did the surgery.He had a god gifted hand.His second child was born in Medgud Hospital when I was staying there, recovering from the surgery.I pray to God that wherever he is let him live happily.Let his soul rest in peace.


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